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West Jersey Table Tennis Club, Inc.


WJTTC is suspending operations until further notice.

 Mid-January: In view of the increasing number of Covid cases in our area, and a shortage of volunteer support, the officers have decided that we will suspend operation of the club until further notice. We feel it is better not to take the unnecessary risk in reopening the club at this time. Everyone stay safe, and we will see you on the other end of this difficult time. We will send out emails and post on the websites and Facebook periodically with updates.

Welcome to the West Jersey Table Tennis Club Inc. web site!

On this web site we'll provide information about our club.

March 2020 The lighting was improved with new brighter, long-lasting LED units.   

July 2011 AIR CONDITIONING was added to the gym.   

Our club has 8 high quality Butterfly Europa 25 Sky Tables.  Three were purchased December 2015, five  in July 2010.  We are located in a gymnasium with a 15 foot high ceiling. There are usually around 15-20 players of various skill levels and ages on any session.

Mid-2006 the lighting was upgraded and it is now 2.5-3 times as bright.

WJTTC officially incorporated on February 11, 2016 and is now a 501(c)3 non-profit for the benefit of the table tennis community and protection of the club’s future. 

Players typically bring their own racket and balls.  Balls can be purchased from Karen Ryan if you need some. We also maintain some used paddles that first timers, and those wanting to try some different rubber, can use.

It costs $4 to play on Tuesday & Thursdays if  16 years old and over; if you are under 16 it is only $3 each night. 

Our Club has the full range of playing ability from top national players to beginners.

The goal of the club is "To provide the best possible playing conditions for all individuals equally".

The atmosphere is friendly and always welcomes new players of all ages and ability.


President & Club Coach - Marius Wechsler

Vice President & Secretary - John Wooten

USATT League Organizer - Scott Kandell

Treasurer - Karen Ryan

Equipment Repair - Steve Haw

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Web site designed by: Robert Hodgson, updated by Karen Ryan.

Last updated 1/13/2021

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